Glass Beads & Crystals

Fire-polished Beads, Pressed Druk Beads, 2 hole Beads, TTC Beads, Glass Imitation Pearls, Crystal Beads, MC Beads, Bicones, Lamp Beads, Matubo Beads, Glass Cabochons, Hollow Glass Beads, Bead Mixes, Wooden Bead

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Fire-polished Beads

Czech Fire Polished Beads are immediately recognisable by their splendid quality, stability of shapes and sizes, the consistency of the colour shades and resistance of the coatings.

Fancy Pressed Beads

Czech Fancy Pressed (also called Druk) Beads have by far the widest range of shapes, sizes, colours, and coatings – they provide literally endless options and variations of use. The quality is excellent and consistent.

Bicones (MC Beads)

Suncuts (also called bicones) are just one specific cut of so called machine cut beads. The production technology, type of glass (crystal) used and their properties are the same as rhinestones (chatons). They ideally combine the brilliance and optical qualities of crystals with multiple use of beads. 

Glass Pressed Beads

Round Pressed Beads are one of the oldest types of beads. These were the first beads that were made in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic over three hundred years ago using the technique of pressing heated glass rods in a mould. 

Glass Imitation Pearls

The task of Glass imitation pearls is to simulate the appearance of the real ones. Glass beads are dipped in a chemical emulsions in order to achieve the pearl effect. A top layer is formed on the surface of the bead after repeated dipping that gives the real pearl effect.

TTC Beads

Table Top Cut Beads are special glass beads made in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic. Two sides of the bead are polished so that the fine glass shows up nicely. Usually made from opaque or opal glass with nice coatings and top effects. Truly unique!

Lamp Beads

Hand made over the open fire these little originals come in hundreds of shapes, colour combinations and sizes. Lamp Beadsare the real product of the cottage industry from the mountain region of Jablonec Nad Nisou

Matubo Beads

MATUBO™ beads are Czech glass beads with the biggest colour variety and perfectly lustrous surface. Matubo beads have a precise shape and come in many different colours and shapes with guaranteed size and shape constancy.

Glass Pearl Mixes

10 vibrant colours of first quality glass pearl mixes – cream, bridal, gold, brown, red, pink, lilac, silver, blue and green. Pictures are informative and contents may vary.

Fire-polished Bead Mixes

Traditional fire polished glass bead mixes in 16 colours readily available  plus more colours on request. Pictures are informative and contents may vary.

Pressed Bead Mixes

Pressed (druk) glass bead mixes in tone-in-tone colours. 10 colours available Custom mixes can be arranged on request. Pictures are informative and contents may vary.

Wooden Beads

Czech Made Wooden beads are made in many shapes and sizes, untreated or coloured and polished. Made from carefully selected quality wood from Central Europe. Mixes available.

Hollow Glass Beads

Hollow beads are lightweight yet solid glass beads very popular for making colourful Christmas and other decorations. This traditional technology has been used in Northern Bohemia for hundreds of years.